Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries is now part of RES.

For more than 40 years, Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries and AES’s mission has been to create ecologically-driven land-use solutions that are practical, economical, and based on the best science and technology.

RES shares a very similar mission – a commitment to restore our nation’s land and waters with innovation and ecological integrity, to preserve the environmental balance for future generations.

It was this overlap of mission and shared goals that lead us to join together, putting us in the unique position to take ecosystem restoration and mitigation to the next level.

To learn more about RES, visit their website.




Why are we so enthusiastic about native plants and trees? Because Mother Nature knows what she’s doing. Naturally adapted to local soils and climates, native plants are vigorous, deep-rooted and produce a beautiful progression of blooms and textures throughout the year.

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