Water Quality

A recent flurry of contaminated potable water supplies has created big concerns for cities, towns. Water quality truly is important for our own health, and that of our family and community!

And, an even more commonplace concern is increasing flooding being experienced all of the USA, and many other locations in the world. This excessive stormwater runoff erodes gullies, washes out roadways, bridges, and construction sites? Parking lots have become veritable lakes after a heavy rainfall? Are the rivers and streams of your county carrying excess nutrients and pollutants resulting in public health closures of swimming beaches from stormwater-borne bacterial contamination?

Native plants can offer lasting and sustainable solutions to your water quality problems.

Not Just Pretty to Look At 

Native plants can help improve water quality in many ways:

  • Deep roots of native plants increase infiltration of rainfall and snowmelt and recharge aquifers.
  • Stream buffers filter sediments and nutrients from runoff prior to entering streams, or a lake and detention basin.
  • Native plants build up the absorbent capacity of soil, holding more water right where it lands.
  • With less stormwater surging over your landscape, there are fewer erosion problems, and less potential to exceed the capacity of engineered stormwater systems.

Green (Native Planting) Infrastructure

Native plants are our “go-to” solution for clients installing green infrastructure.

Working with RES ecologists and restoration specialists, Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries produces customized palettes of attractive flowers and grasses that can thrive in rain gardens, bioswales, bioretention basins, as well as in riparian zones that filter the stormwater runoff entering streams and lakes.

A Native Landscape

We envision landscapes permeated with native plants. And we have seen these come to fruition.

Our nursery staff works closely with RES scientists and planners who create watershed plans. Whether the BMP calls for stream or lakeshore restorations…or the replacement of expanses of turf with pollinator habitat…Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries can produce the right plants for the job.

Stream and lakeshore restorations that use native seeds and plants, and replacement of expanses of turf with native vegetation are two BMPs frequently used to improve water quality and habitat.

For more in-depth information about the water quality benefits of using native plants, visit our sister site at RES here.