Tinley Creek

As part of the O’Hare International Airport Mitigation, Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries supplied specified genetic ecotype seed and plant material for this regionally important project.

The area is part of a habitat restoration for an uncommon and famously inconspicuous bird, the Henslow’s Sparrow, whose population numbers have declined steadily over the past few decades, largely because of habitat loss.

Taylor Creek supplied 300,000 live plants and thousands of pounds of native prairie and wetland seed to enable the restoration. Tight specifications for local genetics made the project all the more challenging and rewarding for our science-based nursery.

As procurement agent for the project, we produced and acquired 100% of the materials that the airport needed, at a pre-negotiated price. The airport is more than satisfied with the project and Taylor Creek has another contract of the same scale scheduled in the near future.

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