At Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries, we are leading the way in native plant propagation. With a 30-year track record of science-based operations, we offer the highest quality native, local-genotype seed and plants as well as the expertise to use and care for them.

Although our nursery carries a range of genotypes from many parts of the U.S., it is Taylor Creek’s general practice to produce seed and plants from the region of our nurseries. We track origins diligently and carry more than one genotype, for biodiversity as well as customer service.

We specialize in meeting specific origin needs. Taylor Creek’s local genotype seed is nursery-grown in beds started from seeds collected ethically on native remnants. Our plants are nursery grown, its not our practice to wild-collect live plants.

Shannon Flaherty

Nursery Manager

Nathan Gingerich

Science and Stewardship

Tara Hering

Plant Production Manager

Christy Long

Order Fulfillment +Inventory Manager

Matt Sheaffer

Farm Operations Manager

Natasha Thomas-North

Growing Center Manager

Cindy Whitehead

Client Services Manager