Dry Mesic Prairie 20/20

Classic dry-mesic prairie blend – all the top performing favorites

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Dry Mesic Prairie 20/20

% seed psf Botanical Name Common Name
2.71% Andropogon gerardii Big bluestem
2.60% Sorghastrum nutans Indian grass
3.03% Panicum virgatum Switch grass
5.20% Bouteloua curtipendula Side oats grama
0.92% Carex bicknellii Bicknell’s sedge
6.76% Elymus canadensis Canada wild rye
19.51% Schizachyrium scoparium Little bluestem
5.42% Koeleria macrantha June grass
0.87% Sporobolus heterolepis Prairie dropseed
0.60% Allium cernuum Nodding wild onion
0.12% Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly weed
2.60% Coreopsis lanceolata Sand coreopsis
3.90% Dalea purpurea Purple prairie clover
0.36% Echinacea purpurea Broad-leaved purple coneflower
1.90% Monarda fistulosa Wild bergamot
2.22% Oligoneuron rigidum Stiff goldenrod
3.52% Penstemon digitalis Beardtongue
6.23% Potentilla arguta Prairie cinquefoil
0.41% Ratibida pinnata Yellow coneflower
19.94% Rudbeckia hirta Black-eyed Susan
4.88% Solidago nemoralis Old-field goldenrod
2.98% Symphyotrichum laeve Smooth blue aster
3.03% Verbena stricta Hoary vervain
0.30% Zizia aurea Golden alexanders

Average price per acre: $330
For orders greater than 5 acres, contact us for discount pricing.


Classic dry-mesic prairie blend – all the top-performing favorites.

Mix may vary due to availability; substitutions will be made based on ecological function.

Prices vary based on genotypic (origin) requirements.

Species may be adjusted for regional appropriateness.

More Details

  • Common Name
  • Region
    Upper Midwest, Great Lakes, Lower Midwest
  • Height
  • Bloom Period
  • Habitat
    Mesic, Dry
  • Shade Tolerant
  • Pollinators
  • Do they attact Birds or Butterflies
  • Appropriate for Rain Garden, Swale and Basin
  • Salt Tolerant
  • Walnut Tree Compatible
  • Appropriate for Erosion Control