Emergent Wetland 35/10

Heavy on sedges and rushes – with classic wet praine forbs

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Category: Landscaping, Seed Mixes, Special Use, Wet Places, Wildlife Mixes
Type: Mix - Seed


Emergent Wetland 35/10

% seed psf Botanical Name Common Name
4.44% Glyceria septentrionalis Floating manna grass
16.13% Glyceria grandis Reed manna grass
6.77% Elymus virginicus Virginia wild rye
6.86% Leersia oryzoides Rice cut grass
1.51% Carex comosa Longhair sedge
0.81% Carex lacustris Hairy sedge
1.26% Carex vulpinoidea Fox sedge, Brown fox sedge
0.67% Carex stricta Common tussock sedge
3.53% Eleocharis acicularis Needle spikerush
0.77% Eleocharis palustris Common spike rush
15.12% Juncus effusus Common rush
0.22% Schoenoplectus fluviatilis River bulrush
0.15% Schoenoplectus pungens Chairmaker’s rush
1.56% Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani Soft-stem bulrush
10.28% Scirpus cyperinus Wool grass
9.27% Scirpus atrovirens Green bulrush
0.67% Acorus americanus Sweet flag iris
6.05% Alisma subcordatum Mud/water plantain
0.03% Iris virginica Blue flag iris
0.12% Asclepias incarnata Swamp milkweed
0.53% Bidens cernua Nodding bur marigold
7.56% Lythrum alatum Winged loosestrife
1.41% Oligoneuron riddellii Riddell’s goldenrod
3.07% Sagittaria latifolia Broad-leaved duck potato
0.01% Sparganium eurycarpum Common bur reed
1.21% Symphyotrichum puniceum Marsh aster

Average price per acre: $485
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Heavy on sedges and rushes – with classic wet prairie forbs.

Mix may vary due to availability; substitutions will be made based on ecological function.

Prices vary based on genotypic (origin) requirements.

Species may be adjusted for regional appropriateness.

More Details

  • Common Name
    Wet Places
  • Region
    Upper Midwest, Great Lakes, Great Plains, Mid Atlantic
  • Height
  • Bloom Period
  • Habitat
    Wet, Emergent, Wet
  • Shade Tolerant
  • Pollinators
  • Do they attact Birds or Butterflies
  • Appropriate for Rain Garden, Swale and Basin
  • Salt Tolerant
  • Walnut Tree Compatible
  • Appropriate for Erosion Control