Shannon Flaherty, M.S.

Assistant Nursery Manager

A member of the Taylor Creek team since 1998, Shannon has two decades of experience with native plants and seed and their environmental restoration potential. Her role at Taylor Creek involves coordinating large projects and all aspects of native seed collection for the Wisconsin office. This includes training and supervising seed cleaning and collection, pulling plants and seed, ordering material, and shipping the product to clients. Shannon also directs the nursery staff and keeps a keen eye on the maintenance of the production beds at the Wisconsin nursery grounds.

During her tenure Taylor Creek, Shannon’s skill set has stretched to include safety management, seed collection and propagation, and project management. Her background in psychology and counseling has proven useful in strategic planning and leadership roles. By working her way up from a field hand to the Assistant Manager of Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries, Shannon offers exceptional background and insight for many aspects of native nursery leadership.